Friday, February 8, 2008

Hacker Backpack

So I spent a little while making what I think is a pretty cool little back pack. I took a microsoft tech ed backpack, and put all kinds of shit on it. I put a no sign in sparkle glitter over the MS logo(because pink is punk OI). I put a custom made SQL injection button on it. I cut apart a cDc(cult of the dead cow) shirt I am to big(fat) for now and put the logo's on the bag. I made an eff Button out of those melty iron things you get when you are a kid, and I am filling up one see thru pocket with beer bottle caps(excuse the grammer :))

Flickr set of Hack pack of hacker backpack.

Oh and the equipment involved is:

Vostro 1400, Lacie external Drive, WD external drive, Asus eeePC, Nokia 770, usb flash card reader, 3 tackle boxes full of microcontrollers, resistors, transistors, jumpers bread board, microcontroller programmer etc... And one pornographic vhs (still safe for work)

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