Friday, February 15, 2008

Simple Machine Forums, install

So my number one admin for my never released forum wanted something other than phpbb3, he wanted smf. So I deleted the phpbb3 directory and made a new mysql db for smf, and through the smf dir on the server, I went to the dir to see if the install would work, sure enough it was complaining about not having language folder in a certain directory an that some ftp clients were to blame. I blame smart ftp by the way. So I placed the missing language directory where it was supposed to be, and then went back to the install.php and sure enough everything worked like a charm so much so and so quickly that I got scared, but the Forum seems to be working perfectly. If any of you can see otherwise let me know.


Baiduri said...

Punk, I've tried to install hydra 5.4 but failed to configure.I've installed on my C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\hydra-5.4-win>
but when I keyed-in the said command like "./configure""make""make install" the screen appeared to be The System cannot find the path specified.

Advice me plz. TQ

bsdpunk said...

Dude send me an email. Comments are not the forum for stuff like this.