Friday, April 4, 2008

Community Building

I interviewed a buddy of mine who runs, we met on, and I knew immediately I was going to like this guy. He started the rabbithole shortly after I met him(to my understanding :) ). And he has done such an excellent job community building I wanted to ask him about it so without further ado, haxor.much:

What are your future planned projects, elaborate if you can.

I have amazing things planned out for TRH and its members. The staff and I are going to implement some sort of downloading section and we are going to get some streaming hacking videos on a separate forum page. Also, I am making a WAP version of the forums so that members can view it from their phone. So many projects....

What has been your hardest struggle with getting community together and keeping them together?

I would have to say immature members who strive for a power position. Its something every admin is going to have to go through, thats why you get yourself a good forum team to answer those questions so you can keep the site running.

When you think of community do you think of them as a tight group? Or are they a loose group with their own alliances and enemies?

I think that the family ambiance at the forums is pretty high for most members. There are of course others who are very active on other boards and visit TRH from time to time but all in all, we are pretty tight.

What's your favorite website that you have not authored?

Hmmm this is a tough one. Any intelligent hacker would say Google, although milw0rm is right up there too.

I don't hear about or infinityandthevoid, how are they doing?

I killed (my old proxy) because it was literally eating my bandwidth. The only thing I kept was the email address As for infinityandthevoid, TRH has taken up a lot of my time and I haven't gotten a chance to really post some things on there.

What's your typical day like?

Wake up, then take a shower and such.
Then I usually squeeze in about 30 minutes of screen time before heading off to school. After my studies I could clock in anywhere from 2 to 7 hours on TRH and other sites. On the weekends, the only person who can get me away from my screen is my girlfriend. I have an addiction t(*_*t)

Do you write your own exploits, if so what language?

I used to write some exploits with a small hacker group that is unfortunately nonexistent at the time. We were called Immortal.Hackers or -[iHs]- for short. We would usually code in Python.

What's your main machine stats? How many machines do you run?

At home, I have 2 desktops running Vista and Ubuntu and my laptop running a modded version of XP. They all have 2Gb+ RAM, AMD Athalon 64 x2 processors. The machine I use the most would be the Vista desktop seeing as thats where TRH is backed up every couple of hours :) I am also setting up a VM for the future Wargames on TRH.

Favorite non-computer related hobby?
Either reading or playing rugby. I like violent sports because they can really bring out the stress you've built up in the day. Reading because I don't plan on staying ignorant forever. Wait. Does it count if I read books on hacking?

Do you have anything to say to aspiring noobs in general?
You have to want to learn. Things won't be spoonfed to you in the hacking world. You can get some great guidance but no one will hack for you. You have to read and try to learn as much as you can on any given subject. The more you read, the better you will become. A year ago I didn't know what a hash was. Now I can hack servers and deface webpages with ease. Its all about your will to learn.

Also, don't let yourself be pushed around by other hackers. If you do, push right back. You have to be strong in the online world.


Anonymous said...

Great interview bsd! You should do this with every member! Very nice!

Haxor: I want to know what the hell the wargames are! :)

Sashi Degodeshi said...

Nice interview :)

*Wants an interview now*