Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vampire Internetz

wireage, originally uploaded by bsdpunkblog.

Ok so I have to get this computer running, and on the internet for work. Well besides the fact the thing has literally been in a car wreck, and besides the fact some peices are mysteriously not in the case anymore, the big issue is that, there is no way to connect it to the internet, nothing nadda. I have no router no switch no hub. My laptop connects to a Wireless AP I have no access to. So how am I going to get it connected. If I only had a cross over cable, hmmm.... Well I have this cable that isn't an rj-45 but it has the right ends and 8 wires so what the hell. I decide to cut this badboy open and re wire it. I used the standard crossover wiring chart and just used photoshop to put big dots over the wire to signify the color they are in this thing rather than a real rj-45. Ok so I go to cut this bad boy in have and my knife stops(well I assume it is because the sheath it is in is very thick), and like must American male southerners, I don't look or try to think of another explanation. So seconds later I am in the kitchen trying to figure out how to patch the hole in my finger.Anyway after wrapping that all up I twist the appropriate wires together, and plug it in to a cable tester and it is all fucked up because all the wires are touching. So I straighten them out and plug it in and wallah it works! Vampire internetz for all.

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