Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok so the icecast2 server seems to be doing quite well. So to listen to me dj go to every weekday night and click the DJ BSDPunk link at the bottom. So the deal is that right now it is playing through JOrbis. But by tommorrow I will have a link to the actual stream, and the jorbis player. The problem with the actual stream is icecast2 or my server seems to be denying a good 1/10th of people from the stream and website. If you give me more than tomorrow like say the next day maybe I will have a flash player as well, and hey if you give me two weeks I should have a little graphic of a light on all my web properties that will be lit if I am djing and not lit if I am not and if you guys, if you stick around even longer, say three weeks I should have one more graphic of a light, and that one will be lit if someone else is djing. If you want to dj hit me up by the way.

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