Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little nerd / hacker culture cruchndown time and lists!

Ok so time for a little Nerd culture and archaeological break down, and a question.
Five good nerd / hacker culture sites to visit now and again (that aren't slashdot and boingboing):

5 Nerdcore King ytcracker
4 Nerd Culture Blog Hipster Please
3 Beefy Nerdcore...when his blog is up.
2 Game Webcomic Penny-Arcade.
1 Hacking Expert (Yeah I'm an ass, eat it)

As far the archeology(What? Crystal skull made the word hot, don't be a hater):
Pick up Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.
Buy an OpenBSD shirt.
Buy one of my shirts.
Buy a shirt from your favorite webcomic, I promise it helps.
Also purchase a multi-tool, just cause.

So the grand finale, the question is.....Should I start a linux noob blog starting from choosing a distro and going into basic commands, etc etc?

PS one that didn't make it but I love is this.

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