Sunday, May 18, 2008

MySpace Marketing

Myspace numbers, as in how many friends you have are no longer valuable, in fact they have become misleading. When I was at a networking event, one of the music "marketers" that was speaking was talking about how little an album sold and were surprised because of the number of myspace friends that artist had. While this may be obvious to some, obviously this guy missed the memo about myspace cruft. That being said I get a lot of bands that try to add me, most of them are fuck nut random. However recently neongrau added me. I am assuming, he (Oliver Gerling? or someone promoting him) looked and saw that I had an 8bit band friend(hopefully saw that I had MANY 8bit band friends), which makes a lot more sense than just adding people. Targeted marketing just works out better.

A little critique on the website. The art isn't amazing, it's all in flash. Horrible SEO strategy. The copy in the flash is pretty good honestly though, hitting up unexpected keywords like Burroughs and cult and Gary Numan, and people who like Burroughs, yeah there going to search those words together....but it's all embedded in flash so the search engine will never see it.

So it's an ok website, and the music, the music I will probably listen to. But the site definitely doesn't make me an evangelist. Without something new or unique, some sort of amazing art, It just falls flat.

So I think that myspace marketing isn't any good unless you give me something awesome. A great webpage, that's awesomely artistic or provides some functionality.
That being said I am back to work on before someone calls me out on it.

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