Thursday, May 1, 2008

Networking(No not that kind)

So recently my job has been sending me to networking events. No not TCP/IP. To like Chamber Of Commerce events and such. As to help sell our services and "get our name out there" whatever that means. So I hate going to these things, cause I look like some grubby little kid who came for the food, and Anyways, today I went to one that I enjoyed, it was bout getting ROI on social networking, and they covered both existing and creating social networking sites to try to leverage them. I got the card of this one guy and his titles include: nerd herder, blogger, podcaster, poet, Author, Programmer. I think the most awesome thing about his card though, was it had his twitter info on it. One of panelists(it was a round table) talked about how everyone he had hired in his company was through social networking(he specifically mentioned twitter...and something else but I can' remember). Anyway the 4.50 Corona was almost worth it. Also I never thought I would hear "Sorry my dog spilt your beer" at one of these things.

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