Thursday, May 22, 2008

SEO spelling errors?

I was reading about how spelling effects your SEO the other day at And the writer is talking about how misspelled search words can make you a mint. But more importantly he said that 10 percent of all search queries are misspelled. And said that most people who misspell do not use the suggested spelling, I am assuming that is because they see the information on the search page before they see the spelling suggestion? I know when I misspell words and I always use the suggested spelling. I asked a couple of people what they do however and the pretty much agreed they don't use it and that they misspell a lot of stuff. Another thing I noticed about this particular article(besides intentional misspellings) was that the copy was weird, like strange and hard to understand. Is this an SEO trick? Or was the copy just funny. So he offers a typo generator which I am going to discuss in the next SEO post.

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