Thursday, May 15, 2008

Unix hackers

I am calling an interview for any Unix Hacker out there that would like to do one. I have made calls out before for various hackers to come forward, with various success. Female / Girl hackers being the least successful. So if you are or know a unix or chick hacker let me know, so I can do an interview, much thanks.


Alyssa said...

Lol, Good luck with that.

Although, mocking some smart and oh-so-pretty girls who don't have amazing hacking skills *yet*, won't get ya very far with that interview, buddy.

Anonymous said...

The CCC (Chaos Computer Club) from Germany got a side project (haecksen) for female hackers. Maybe you'll there get the interview partner you are looking for. The
haecksen (pronounced like the German word 'Hexen' = witches) you'll find here:
Unortunately German only.

For further information write to: