Monday, May 5, 2008

Why is FreeBSD awesome?

A lot of people ask me why to choose FreeBSD over other distros of open source os's. And usually I am never prepared. So here we go, what are the pro's of FreeBSD.

ports- ports rock, they install like a breeze and get all there dependencies and they are pretty fucking fast too(not to install but to run)

1 Disc installation - I think FreeBSD 7 is three disks, but if you just install the base and then do the rest through ports 1 cd, for a fully functional awesome server OS that can go walls to balls with any other server OS out there

Fast- At one point we had a pentium 4 machine running 150 websites with lot's of dynamic content(huge amounts of flash, huge amounts of php)and it was plenty enough machine. At one point it was taking a long time to pull up sites and we thought it was about time to invest in a beefier machine but when we checked top, apache was still less than 20% proc and ram, the problem ended up being a bandwidth issue, sheesh

rc.conf - the best startup shit eva, rc.conf besides the unique put almost everyting in /usr is probably the thing that seperates FreeBSD, from the linux OSes

The FreeBSD Handbook
- ZOMG!!1 Awesome Documentation on an Open source project, No way.

Ok so this one is a little weak, but:
Awesome Automatic partitioning. The FreeBSD partitioner, recommends a pretty awesome partition table if you want to do things the right way but don't want to spend all the time figuring out what that is.

The most awesome mascot ever - You got to love beastie.

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matthew said...

Nice. But, I've heard some people say only get BSD if you need a server. Is this true?