Wednesday, June 4, 2008

About Me and The Blog

So all the SEO lit. that I read says that for a blog to be credible an about me page is needed, and I really think the one blogger supplies is insufficient. So here is a little biography on me. I am 23 years old and I live in Nashville, TN, USA. I have my A+ Certification, Network+ Certification, and my MCP. I also have a 2 year degree in Computer Networking and Security. I am employed as a Network Consultant. Though the majority of what I put on this site, has nothing to do with all that, most of the stuff on the site is just for love of mischievous knowledge. The things I put on this site cannot be learned from certifications or traditional education. I think that most mischievous computer users, are not traditionally trained. And while traditional knowledge certainly helps, is definitely not required. I started the blog on the 22nd. As to disseminate some of my knowledge of the dark arts, and to try to illuminate something on the underground culture, that I partake in. So I try to focus on this blog being a, hacker culture blog, but really what I mean by that, is a culture of one. Because I think the mischievous computer users are vastly different from one another, and focus on a few key elements, like DIY, and constant, online connection, but even those aren’t certain in this culture of one.
Ok so what about my culture. I am not a huge anime fan, like some, but I dabble. I love food, and the great thing about having a blog that people from 98 different countries have visited, is I can talk to them about what they eat, whether a Macedonian treat or a Lebanon feast. I also like looking at flickr pictures as you can tell by my amount of favorites and comments on flickr. I own three domain names, none of which I know what to do with.,, and censored. I know that one day censored will have a list of all my projects on it. So that’s me, if you want to send me a shout out with a little about you go ahead.


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Wicked said...

This picture... its not recent. I remember seeing it back in "The Rabbit Hole" days. Man was that a long time back. Hope your doin good bsd nice to know your still doing your thing.