Monday, June 30, 2008

Two stupid mistakes one might make with Google's appengine

When appengine asks for your email, suprise, they want your google account you signed up with, not nessicarily your primary email. So if you get an error that says something to the effect of you do not have permission, you may have put the wrong email, or password. So to get your appengine back you will need to delete the cookie in your profile, called .appcfg_cookies.
Another error you might get is CouldNotFindModuleError, typically this is becuase you have appended something to your localhost:8080 address that isn't there or you have defined your app python script incorrectly in the index.yaml.
One last little thing, I find that running my app or even the hello world app in firefox, kind of makes firefox choke. I don't know if this is an extension issue, a firefox issue, a google app engine issue, or my setup. I really haven't looked into it, however it runs great in opera.

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