Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blocked on IRC? Need a quick and dirty solution? Proxy to complicated?

Well, if you have a shell you are in real good shape, particularly one that you can install things on. Enter Pork. Here is a quote from the pork readme:


pork is an ncurses-based AOL instant messenger client. It uses the
OSCAR protocol (the one the windows client uses) to access AIM. Pork
features Perl scripting; an online help system; the ability to
configure nearly all aspects of the program's look-and-feel; an alias
system; and a powerful, fully-configurable key binding system. It
supports being logged in with more than one screen name at the same
time. The default look-and-feel of the client is modeled after the
ircII IRC client. Anyone comfortable using ircII (or any clients
derived from it -- e.g., epic, BitchX, etc.) will feel comfortable using

pork now supports IRC. The syntax for connecting to an IRC server is
/connect -irc [:[:]] [... [:[:]]]

The look-and-feel of pork is pretty much a complete ripoff of
the the look-and-feel of the excellent mw4.irc script for the epic IRC
client by Amber Adams . All credit for it goes to her.


So basically you can ssh into your linux box, install pork, and use it as a pseudo proxy to get around those pesky kick bans.

Oh and if you have been wondering what I have been doing lately I have been trying to keep my flickr up to date, so check it out.

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