Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wearable computers, cyberpunk, eeePCs, and thoughts on the future of computing.

I was thinking about deconstructing my eeePC and incorporating it into a jacket and a set of these goggles. And using the interface device that came with Black and White(It was a tethered hand/glove device), for a mouse like device, however the problem with needing to type came up, and the solutions I came up with, at best are kludges. Somehow integrating a frogpad into your pocket, or using one of those gamer devices to create complex macros to eliminate typing as much as possible.

So that kind of sucks, and I haven't quit on the idea I am just postponing it because recently my eeePC has become my main machine, so disassembling it and attaching to a jacket seems a little crazy right now.

But a quick google search turns up this interesting wristpad, what do you guys think?

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Wickedsoul said...

Honestly that idea is genius. If you can work up a prototype of some sort you could really rake in some good money.