Saturday, October 4, 2008

It looks like someone is stealing my tutorials

If you would like you can flame them at:

It seems they gave me credit for two of my tuts but just copied the other ones. Particularly the keylogging and password sniffing, which drive the most traffic of any other pages on my site. If they would have put a link to my site in it I would have been glad, but they didn't so...meh.


XXxxImmortalxxXX said...

hi im XXxxImmortalxxXX known as Scyther on greyhat security i saw u on there when the forum was first made. Im here to ask you to please delete your comment about i cant control what ppl post but i can try my hardest that everything is okay and in the right way. Recently a Admin on my site posted some tutorials on my site that was created by you. IM sry he never gave credidation to you. I have added that you made this.

Please when responding to another person like that please send it to them via e-mail or private message and sort it out in a mature manner stuff like this does not need to be out in the public.

Im terribly sry for all of this.

Please delete your post on your blog

You can add me on msn to chat at

joe said...

Dude, maybe it was a misunderstanding whats with the hothead attitude u said it yourself they have mentioned you in the other two. I don't see anywhere in those threads where the topic writer takes credit for your work.

Just a thought.