Thursday, November 6, 2008

Virus as art.

Back in the day(2001 I believe) displayed a virus known as, as art. Another virus, the webpage I can not find at the moment, was released written in vbscript, with both a male and a female part, and if they found each other on you computer they reproduced, this virus was perhaps, more benevolent than the last. Can virii, be art? I think so, the first one more so, because of the code, as where the second one more so because of the functionality, or motion. The, seems to almost express self-destructive tenancies, a malicious virus that alters your python files with functions such as fornicate(), and variables such as party, mybody, mysoul. Whatever happened to "hacker artists" like epidemiC? It would be nice to see a revisit to this form of art.

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