Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HackForums.net was rooted and 9unkz0r IRC went down

On the 14th hackforums.net was rooted, through what the administrator said was an old script with an easy exploit. They were able to run a shell according to the administrator. Hackertopsites.com which is run on the same box had links to the attackers site c0rrupt.org/side. Not that long after irc.9unkz0r.com came under a ddos attack by a user with the handle uid0. It is not known whether these are related. The IRC server is still being "quarantined" by routing the majority of packets to /dev/null. However some users are able to log on, if you just happen to be one of the routes that is still up. It is unknown how long this outage will last. I also received a 514 message e-mail bomb. Luckily gmail grouped them all together.

AS OF SEPTEMBER 30TH 2009 THERE IS NO HACKFORUMS, in leiu please go to http://malvager.com


Alan Dowden said...

how we all LOVE our Gmail :)

gawkbawk said...

thanks for the info