Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gigatanmouse announcement

It's been a year. w00t! go blog, it's your birthday. I have two announcements, one is minor, having a birthday party for the blog at the flying saucer, ANY READER OF THE BLOG IS WELCOME. Even if your one of those people I know IRL, and you think I hate you. There's only like 20 of you, but whatever. Going to try to live cast it, but if we have to it, it will just be a youtube. Ok so what's the big announcement? I am throwing my hat in the nerdcore game. My first song is up at, and that's my mc name as well. My first album, Pseudo EP will be out within a month, on February 20th, also the date of the party. Alright party on my ninja's and know that I got some great shit planned for this year :) .


Chris said...

Ohhh Fucking win XD

skizzbot said...