Monday, March 9, 2009

The current and the future of the blog.

As for the future:
I am Going to finish up the ssl sniffing traffic tutorial and add some arduino stuff. The SSL stuff might be a little while because I am thinking about buying a new machine, and if I do that I am going to do a How to build a computer youtube video, because those things seem to get a lot of hits. I want to do another t-shirt give away so if you have ideas for what kind of contest, please post a comment. Or if you have an idea for a diffrent kind of promotional event let me know.

As for the present:
I went to Podcamp 2009, so that was fun. Didn't talk to as many people because I have hard time approaching people, but I gave an interview, about something to somebody, so if anyone see's me on vlog or podcast or something, let me know. They had free beer starting at 11:30, so I was exahusted by 3:00. If I go again I am going to speak, I think. Got stood up for lunch, which was at Noshville. And whoever missed it, was lucky. The menu was incredibly expensive to begin with, and I was over charged for my plate. And apparently according to my guest the Greek Salad, wasn't so great. The Reuban dog, was good though(not nearly worth the 5 bucks on the menu or the 10 bucks I was charged for it, but whatever).

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