Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shoutout's to the world, and a friend.

So recently the guy's at the pirate bay got some bad news....but the good news is, they are appealing, and they said rather than donations, they want you to buy a t-shirt. Soo...if you were thinking about donating get a t-shirt instead at:

I couldn't really afford a t-shirt so I just got the dog tags ;). Wasn't to rough.

Ok so some big news. A friend of mine, who is an awesome lisp programmer, has ported a program to lisp from C++, it's a global illumination\rendering\etc program called minilight. The original version(not created by my buddy), can be found here:


And the lisp version which was ported by my buddy can be found, here:

He may be publishing a blog detailing the status of this project and his other projects soon, I will keep everyone updated.

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