Friday, April 3, 2009

The Weekend.....What the hell am I doing?!?

A couple people seemed concerned that my blog hadn't been updated since the 22nd of March, and not so . Well some of you know I wasn't feeling so well for a while there, but I did really get over the bug last weekend. So it's been a little laziness on my part. I was expecting to get some new hardware, a new computer or a PS3 to put linux on, but none of that panned out. And I was going to finish the ssl proxy piece with said hardware so it looks like I may brave on without it.
Other projects I have hit a brick wall with, such as the arduino, in which I got hello world to work, and now I just simply don't know what to make with it. So I do plan on a video this weekend and maybe a blog post or two to boot. There's also a web project that may get unveiled, soon.
After reading the Charlie Miller interview, and hearing his opinion on the mac, I am looking into some memory addressing concerns on all three major OS's, which I think will take a while so don't expect any posts on that soon. I am also reading Fyodor's book on nmap. And so far it is great. He uses stories to drive the book making it a very easy read, but even with this story driven model the book manages to stay very meaty on the subject.
So that's where I am at, and hopefully I can get you guys some new content up this weekend. Be Excellent to one another and Party On.

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