Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The sort of...

The kindle has become the darling of many people's eye. So the real nerd $ell component on it is the e-ink screen, and the always on internet connection. Whenever I look at one though, all I think is....That isn't in color. The price is to high, for even an impulse gadget buyer like myself. I could only justify getting a Kindle DX if I were a student and I knew that the text books I would have to buy would be significantly cheaper. I don't have a kindle, I do have an ipod Touch, which interestingly enough has a kindle app, so that you can read kindle books on your ipod, and while the tables and charts in the books I read are pretty much destroyed, I find that I can read faster with the touch than an in print book. I believe this has to do with the large size of the text more than anything. So if you read a lot, I suggest you get it(kindle app for ipod). There are a couple of great free books in the kindle store, like one of my old favorites, The Assassin's Apprentice.

PS I think the trick is the other two books that complete the series, aren't free.

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