Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I haven't made a post in over a week, for those of you worried I'll tell you what I have been up to. The last two or three weekends I have felt exhausted from various events, such as getting shit faced at ren faire and throwing up, or "enjoying", the company of the girls family, so this weekend I decided to take it easy, and try to get some R&R.

I've decided though, that I am never really going to be not exhausted and it's time to suck it up and just keep runing until I get a second wind wether it comes or not. So I won't let my time problems or tiredness problems effect the output of the blog any more....On that note, let's talk about the future of the blog. Right now my focuses have shifted to becoming obsessed with electronic music and the instruments one might use in the production of a live electronic music show. I have a planned contact Microphone tutorial coming up. As for older promises, here is where we stand:

SSL Part 2(Still Coming)
Beggining Hardware Hacking Part 2(On Hiatus)
Drunk Python Video Tutorials(Still Coming, but changed to Drunken Ruby Video Tutorials)

I am going to try to make the blog a little more arty as well, by providing at least a picture with each post. So Live Long and Prosper.

Things that will make you more interested in this post:
Using the tag "electroclash", to make a station on last.fm
Watching the Movie "Better Living through Digital Circuitry"
A do it yourself Syntesizer kit
The wikipedia entry for "Contact Microphone"

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