Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The apple of my eye: or how much can you fuck up so quickly

Why must you hurt me so, originally uploaded by bsdpunkblog.

I updated to iTunes 8.2, which has made my macbook unable to see my ipod touch. Now most would think, what I meant is that iTunes can't see it, however that is not the case. The computer refuses to recognize that is plugged in, in any way....unless I turn on my windows virtual machince, then install itunes on it, then it can see the device and asks me a bunch of questions about my iPod I don't want to answer(not like is it jailbroken, because it is not, but like would you like to sync your purchases), Personally I have been SEVERELY BURNT by the authorizing of iTunes accounts before so I most definitely do NOT WANT TO AUTHORIZE MY VM. It also caused a problem with an album I bought from the iTunes store today, I bought it at five and only through much fanagling did I eventually recieve it at 7. Honestly I love apple but this problem is really seems to me they do NO QA with their devices before making a release.

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