Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blog News

The blog has been on a bit of a slow streak, But I should have some more over the robot stuff soon and I am reading some interesting security books right now as well, so some of that may leech there way here as well. There is a local( Nashville ) hacker con ( PhreakNIC ) at the end of October I will most likely go to, however, Electric Six is playing the 31st, and there is no way I am missing that. You should check and see if you have local hacker cons, if you're not in the Nashville area, there are probably more than you think. Check out the new update on wereboobs fuckin fiction ( ), that would be my fiction blog for those of you uninitiated.
In other news:

Interesting Reboot Remix videos:

Hipster Please! has a very interesting review of Schaffer the Dark Lord's new album.

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