Monday, October 19, 2009

Had to Change ABSPATH after moving my wordpress blog fuckinfiction

I choose to move my wordpress blog, fuckinfiction from, to Now I choose to do this to try to clean up server a little bit, and that required a directory move as well, however after the move I couldn't get to the admin interface because the ABSPATH or Absolute Path, within the database was still pointing to the old directory. To fix it this required two database changes. The recommendation that I read said to go in with phpMyAdmin, and to make the changes, I however had no interest in installing that on my server, so I could have done it by hand, However, I'm typically prone to error when doing that kind of stuff. So I did it with and app called Sequel Pro, which was really spiffy. It created the SSH port forwarding so I didn't have to.

Ok so if you need to do this, you should navigate to your wordpress database
Navigate to wp_options
change siteurl (row 1)
and home (row 39)
to your fqdn
for me that is