Thursday, November 19, 2009

ChromeOS thoughts

The ChromeOS demo was today. I'm going to zoom through the negatives first. Oh and here's a simplified video:

DIY Computing

ChromeOS will only use specified hardware components and will be primarily for netbooks(the story so far). DIY computers, like building your own device for chrome os, is going to be hard and a hack. I feel that these things suck...but now for the good news.

Paradigm shift:
Everything is a web app. Everything. Editing video is a web app. Someone I work with suggested that they would make javascript that had system calls. But it seems to me, that now you just build your web app to work, and Chrome and ChromeOS do all the hardware stuff for you. The browser will have access to the GPU etc.

Only SSD drives.

Everything is in the cloud...WTF EVERYTHING. It's like the last suit you are ever going to wear. All your stuff will be in the cloud so you can download it when you get a new machine, even saves custom settings like wallpaper. You can use the hardrive to store stuff, and it is natively encrypted. But for the most part everything will live in the cloud.

I think this is a great step forward from the traditional computer paradigm, I'm excited and can't wait until I can buy a chromeOS device.

Bonus: Chrome Browser should come out for linux and mac very soon. I have been using the nightly build script found here:

The marketting video is the one at the top of the page.

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