Saturday, November 28, 2009

QC, Questionable Content Meetup in Nashville last night

Me and  Jeph Jacques

That's Questionable Content for the uninitiated.

This is me and Jeph. This meet up was neat and really approachable. I think anyone who asked, would have gotten a drawing. I didn't want a drawing I just wanted my friends and I to get pictures.

Here, are some of the people that showed up:

qc meetup people

Some were more enthused than others to have their picture taken.

But the main reason I am blogging this is because, one person, home grown in the big TN, was ,pre than hospitable. She made sure I got my picture taken with Jeph, and really left me walking away with a great view topatoco, her name was Christy or Kristy, or some other spelling, I didn't get the spelling, I apologize. Regardless she help make the evening memorable for my friends and myself:


***She's the cute one in the back***

More pictures at my flickr
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