Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Posts, The nexus one, and hyperlocal.

Nexus One

I haven't posted in a little bit so I posted twice today for you guys, below is a little robot I coded while at the coffee shop. But I also wanted to talk about google's neww phone the nexus one. This is the one google is really throwing there weight behind. They had a press conference and since then this thing is on almost everybody's adsense, including this blog and my employers. I read somewhere that they were having a little copyright trouble with the name as the Phillip K. Dick estate was a little mad about the Bladerunner refrence. There's only one reason I don't like the nexus and that's because it doesn't have a keyboard. If I was a patient person I myself might have gotten The Droid over The Moment, however I'm not patient and though there are things that irritate me about my phone, I still love it.
I think google maps has really changed the way I live. If I need something in particular I always hit google maps first to make sure that the place I am going is the closest. I really use it a lot now that I have moved to West Nashville, and am not as familiar with the area as I would like to be. As someone who works in the "hyper local" space, I appreciate this apps and the one's like it. I also like foursquare,sort of a venue tagging phone app for hipsters or something, and will probably be making use of that shortly.(I hope I can become mayor of cafe coco). The blog is almost 2 years old, last year I had a huge announcemnt....I have one of those coming but don't know if I will make the deadline of doing it exactly on the year mark. But let's check the two years of analytics we have so far:

Google Analytics for bsdpunk

The picture is only impressive if you click on it.

Have a Happy Twenty-Ten, and if you have any suggestions for the blog feel free to comment.

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