Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New posts and my feelings of purileness

I feel that the new posts, since my absence have at best been juvenile. I apologise for the poor content. I planned to have a big to do when the blog turned two, however that didn't happen, mostly because of a turn in my health and stress at my job/life as well as other obligations. I apologise for this. I will at some point in the future have a HUGE DEAL, to make up for it. However, as I am still in poor health, and my work and finances demand my attention elsewhere I will try to appease with what I can. Expect new content on http:\\fuckinfiction.wereboobs.com soon. And expect better posts on here.

One of the reasons for the ubuntu posts is because I was a hardcore fedora fan, however after using there test repositories and 13 alpha, I had so many crashes and data loss....I finally went to the darkside...yes, oh yes, I tried arch. I know it's all the rage. And all the cool kids are using it. But my problem with arch was many. So I went with Ubuntu, please forgive me.

Also, here's me straight razoring my head.....yes, I am an idiot.

Real Men Straight Razor their hair


Dusty C.

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