Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Back

I started looking at the C Sound book yesterday. I knew instantly I needed to learn something new, something both technical and artistic, I haven't quite nailed down what I'm going to do, I do know the general direction I am going. I'm rebooting and reorganizing my experience idea. I was working with arduino and next to have sensors that tell what your mood is and try to change it(maybe for the better). I still love the idea, but I am going to add a human component. I have a lot of hopes of what it will be, and would love to share them with you but I feel if I do so and my plan never comes to fruition, then I will feel even more the fool. So to get in the right mindset, I am getting back in touch with my skiddie roots. I rode an electric skateboard to work today, I safety pinned anti Microsoft logos on my bag, and a cDc logo as well, and other such non sense. Even though physically and mentally I really don't feel that well, knowing I am starting a new project has rays of optimism and excitement. I will hopefully be posting here more, I will be posting on fucking fiction, most assuredly.

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