Thursday, March 31, 2011

Donate to Japan, Keep Checking on GeoHot and Keep it Real programming

I really appreciate this site because the only image is the center one(well the center image is a bunch of images put together), but the rest of the "logos" are randomly created through javascript., I used the idea, and quite honestly borrowed a lot of the javascript to create something for my girlfriend.

This week though I couldn't afford to give much I did give to one charitable japan cause, one because I like 8 bit music and two because....well there was a god damned earthquake:

You get a SHITLOAD of tracks for whatever you donate....if you do donate small like I do, I suggest you also donate the cost of the credit card transaction, the extra 83 cents or whatever isn't going to kill you.

And it looks like the first round of donations for geohot(PS3 hacker) are closed, but keep abreast of the situation Geohot's blog.

And if you need your daily dose of reality, in the programming realm, take a look at this Use your brain.

Ok no more shitty link posts....ever again...I promise...until next month anyway.

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