Sunday, June 12, 2011

#devel contest draft rules

It's contest time again, and more particularly, it's contest time for the #devel channel on

Draft Rules for the #devel contest of

Create a tool that will either allow or otherwise encourage people in #devel to collaborate in code writing and or sharing. The platform/language can be any (within reason; if you’re not sure, ask). It will be judged subjectively by both bsdpunk and psycho on both functionality and creativity. The first place prize will be a bsdpunk t-shirt and an Arduino (or Arduino clone). The second place prize is an Arduino (or clone). If god willing a third place prize, tbd (this one is not written in stone).

Contest will be over on the 20th of July.

Draft rules are subject to change for the next week, keep updated by looking at this blog(rules will only change by minor stipulations, the spirit of the contest will remain the same).

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