Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Linosh, linode shell

I built a shell and command line tool for linode, not knowing there was already an API complete command line tool already in existence (linode-cli). Since a lot of the heavy lifting is done on mine I'm going to retarget what linosh does, and probably cater it more towards reporting, than just command line stuff, and have it generate javascript reports/graphs. I was going to add ssh connectivity but linode already has that covered as well with a console connection app you can ssh to called lish. As of right now I'm just spinning my wheels thinking about the future of linosh, I think the tab completion helps make it a little more intuitive than linode-cli, but that strength doesn't really warrant the existince of the tool. I think I might implement the full api on the pebble watch actually. I'm not sure. Clearly a time for regrouping, le sigh.

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