Saturday, August 27, 2016

Everything I learned about linux in the last whosit, 1472336806

I use awk a lot. Like every day. I don't know much about it, how to use it, etc. I just know how to set the Field Seperator, which in my head I always called delimiter. Which is with the -F was confusing to me. So I guess that's what I used to know, that and fields. But I had to bite the bullet and write my first, real awk script. It's pretty bad you guys:

        FS = ":";
        total[count] = "";
        lang[count] = "";
        final = 0;
        #print lang[count];
        if (clang == lang[count] || lang[count]=="") {
           lang[count] = clang;
           total[count] += amount;
           final +=amount;
                #print final, lang[count];
        else {
         lang[count] = clang;
         total[count] = amount;        
        #print clang, total[count];

        print "Total LoC: " final;
        for(x in lang){
            percent = (total[x]/final)*100;
            print lang[x], total[x], percent "%";
        #print "Total Amount = $";
' file
So all of this is to find your total lines of code and what kind of code, on github by cycling through a cleaned up file of your languages. Now I have a lot of one liners I put in the, to clean up the stuff I grabbed from github, but let's be honest this project is a mess. I didn't really plan to get this deep into github bullshit today, but I did. The lack of planning shows. But if you want to check the mess out it's all posted on So how did my totals come out... Well if you remove the forks and you take out the HTML and CSS:
Total LoC: 394684
AppleScript 696 0.176344%
Go 6761 1.71302%
JavaScript 8320 2.10802%
Perl 23081 5.84797%
PHP 20528 5.20112%
Python 332131 84.1511%
R 1805 0.457328%
Shell 1362 0.345086%
Not bad for all my public/open stuff I guess. Maybe it is, I don't know. I'm going to try to post something about PowerShell, and Linux, and Microsoft, and Opensource, soon, maybe. As like an opinion /slash/ neat tricks with PowerShell.

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