Thursday, December 22, 2016

Everyday Carry PenTest Edition

This is an everyday carry but not in my pockets, in my man-purse, or briefcase as some have taken to calling it. The "bag" in question being a Kenneth Cole Reaction briefcase.

Within that I keep an Apple MacBook Book Air Early 2014 with MacOS Sierra. You may think that's insufficient power but it has proven that the lack of weight and the SSD certainly compensate for anything to be desired. In fact the only thing I noticed after ditching my (Debian) Dell XPS, is that a lost a lot of weight but lost practically no computational power. And further Within is yet another small case, and within that is where the magic lies:

So the tools most notably in here are USB rubber ducky( for quickly injecting malware in hypothetical within reach machines), Yardstick One( for hypothetically jamming wireless signals within it's rating or hypothetically intercepting rolling encryption car fob door opens, and starts), usb SDR( for playing with Software Defined Radio, and not cell signals), Ubertooth(For bluetooth operations), a host of usb fobs, and that concludes one side of the bag.[Most of these can be purchased at Hak5] On the other side of the bag* I have various antennae for the aforementioned devices, an RFID card reader, some blank cards and keychains, and a set of door shims of varying thickness.

Within the briefcase I also have a black tie, because why not. And a mechanical keyboard. The keyboard may seem like overkill but your fingers will thank you, and with the weight loss from upgrading to the apple from the Dell, I don't notice the extra weight.

*Forgot the Turtle Lan Shell

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