Saturday, December 24, 2016

The command line, an 18 year obsession, Or the one where I doubt myself

Since my first introduction to linux in 1999, I have been obsessed with the command line. With shells, commands and the glue that binds them. As a secondary programming languages, that extend that functionality. It's taken me to some weird places, some side journeys that I had to go on just to get further, like text manipulation, regex, and the movement of data around a file structure, and filetype standards. I work in JSON, and CSVs now primarily. I've gotten to a point where now I'm much closer than doing data science than text manipulation, it might have been a round about way to get there but it still feels like despite the windy path, it was the correct one to take. Particularly when I work in R, which seems to be special fitted for data wrangling but somehow I still manage to get more done in less time with some simple bash one liners than I can from within an R workspace. With R, in the form of RStudio, I find myself working with GUI tools regularly for the first time in 17 years. I don't know if I like it. I don't know if this is the right course. Is this where I need to be aiming. Stats, Forecasting, and more importantly Machine Learning seems like the future. If not that then certainly the field of AI which is but a hop skip an a jump away. But am I, a lowly admin, who just happens to be good at the command line, at text manipulation, at regex, am I the one to pick up this mantle. It seems far fetched to think of myself as being able to do anything revolutionary or even productive in these fields when there are experts who have trained exclusively in them, and didn't end up there from some twisty side path. Some linux open source inspired secret garden that opened up to them.

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