Friday, March 14, 2008

XandrOS eeePC

Ok so I went back to xandros on my eeePC. I wasn't getting the performance I wanted out of eeeXubuntu. I was having difficulties with wireless signals, and I think the battery life seem stunted. I don't like the lack of software for xandros however I will defiantly be looking into getting under the hood. Ok enough complaining.
Xandros just works, it's very nice and smooth. I don't know how to change the background yet which disappoints me but youtube runs like a champ(unlike on eeeXubuntu). Hmm...still not ready to take the BSD plunge yet.

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Olli Orkoneva said...

Considerring getting back to Xandros, too, if eeeBuntu is not clearly better than eeeXubuntu. Later perhaps to new Xandros distribution published in April.

Where did you find the original Xandros eeePC distribution?