Sunday, April 20, 2008


(2:48:07 AM) bsdpunk: Man I used to have late nights at cjs like that
(2:48:59 AM) bsdpunk: Like no matter what this thing has to be done in the morning
(2:49:22 AM) GoodFriend: i have to curate a virtual museum exhibit using non western art using a unifying theme
(2:50:55 AM) bsdpunk: Mine was a bonded t1 line that had to change to a metroE connection along with moving half a class c
(2:51:12 AM) GoodFriend: none of that makes sense
(2:51:34 AM) bsdpunk: The interwebs have my spit on them, there mine
(2:51:54 AM) GoodFriend: oh ok
(2:52:22 AM) bsdpunk:
(2:55:07 AM) GoodFriend: you really have gum holding togetherwebsites
(2:55:32 AM) bsdpunk: The wires that get them to you, yeah
(2:55:53 AM) GoodFriend: that must be awesome
(2:56:51 AM) bsdpunk: Heh, yeah
(2:57:40 AM) bsdpunk: it's just that sometimes there is no one to call or no manual to look at and you just have to figure it out
(2:58:03 AM) GoodFriend: i think you just described life
(2:58:17 AM) GoodFriend: that was deep man
(2:58:26 AM) bsdpunk: I think that's a compliment

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