Friday, April 18, 2008

Quote for net neutrality paper

I wrote this for a friend, it's a quote for an NN paper:
As a network engineer working on TCP/IP networks, the internet in particular, I think I have a unique view on net neutrality. A lot of people view the internet as a tool, or a new medium of communication. To me the internet is mine, and all the people who work on it. In 1996 there was a declaration of independence for cyberspace. Some of us still hold it true When you move giant logical portions of the net or physically lay cable down, you know what your doing is just a hack and the only reason it works, is because of the freedom that can be taken with it. I mean there are pieces of my gum still holding wires together that have 50 websites behind them. Having a tiered internet is scary as hell, proprietary solutions, will simply make an internet not worth having. I mean I just feel it’s partly mine, I mean after all my spit is on it.

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