Monday, April 14, 2008

Hacking Flickr metric "Intrestingness"

The best blog I have seen on this so far is the SEO of the sea. And the best part of that is describing the patent:

Interestingness rank is based in part on:

* The quantity of user-entered metadata concerning the media object,
* The number of users who have assigned metadata to the media object,
* An access pattern related to the media object,
* A lapse of time related to the media object, and/or;
* On the relevance of metadata to the media object.
* Whether the media contains undesirable content such as obscene imagery or promotions of a competitor’s product.

Another good one, is all about content blog. So the one place these two fundamentally disagree is the focus on WHAT USERS look at your flickr.

Ok so I have been doing some really "casual" interesting tests, but I haven't done anything hardcore. However, I am ready to, I am going to start building a python tool, using beej's flickr api and see if I can't narrow down a little better and give a little more clarity to the metric. I don't know if I will be able to get any good numbers out of this but I will learn something about the metric and have a good time.

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