Sunday, April 13, 2008

Photoshoot Remix Contest.

I am going to have a little remix contest, winner can pick a shirt out from Just photoshop or GIMP or whatever one or more of the pics from here . Please choose a pic that is a part of the shoot and not one of the Photographer catching people off guard. So a t-shirt big deal, well you guys I had over 1499 page views on my flickr set last week, so you will get publicity for your sit or your blog if you put them in the description of your submission. Plus if you win you get a mention in the blog.

Technical stuff:
I am starting a flickr group called bsdpunkblog remix. You will need to join it.
Alright so I am currently uploading all the originals from my photo shoot, but because it's gigs of photos(not that many just super quality, remember you got to hit some buttons on flickr to see the original size).

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