Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Interview with therabbithole

1. What do you think of the
Melting pot for fed up H.F. Members :/ -Raseilord

I think it was made for good reasons and support the ideas and reasons for it.
I would have to say most people here are fakes or make themselves sound better
then they really are. –Blacksage

2. What do you think of the membership at
Well, we have a very tight community and it's an invite only forum, meaning no noobs allowed, what's not to like? – Cancer

It's kind to tight, I'm on the forum constantly but I consider myself as an active user, and it's the active users that create a strong community. –err0r33

3. What kind of posts are the best?

The intelligent and inquisitive ones. And the challenges. I love programming challenges. YAY! –iceshade

I think posts that help people out are the best. I HATE posts that say
I know most of you already know this but this is for n00bs. COME ON
your making it sound like were all 1337 G0ds here. I guarantee that there's
know one here thats an expert at every subject on computers here. I guess
I could be wrong tho. –Blacksage

4. Who is your favorite poster and why?
Me, because I'm SUCH a great guy! And... I think CBH and WickedSoul kick ass. –Iceshade

Well, I don't really have a favorite poster, everyone shout out some bullshit once in a while, thats funny. –err0r33

5.If one thing could change about what would you change?
-_- Stop the power hungry fiendz from getting Mod/Admin - Raseilord

I'd make me a moderator, so I can finally rid the boards of newbie poser assholes who think they're the shit and really couldn't suck more. That, and I'd set up multiple specific programming language threads on the board. – Iceshade

6. What is the best reason to be an admin or other authority on
Controlling spam, and noobs. Ahh I'm about to have an orgasm. :D – Cancer
You can keep the standards up and the skiddies down. Rather than moronic copypasta or bullshit tutorials, you can ensure that the threads and intelligence spread is worthwhile and intelligent.

7.Who is your favorite admin/authority on and why?
Haxor.Much - Seems to let the noobs take their course and get flamed extra -Rasilord

Some may disagree, but WickedSoul. He edits tons of posts and has new ideas, and makes a good admin. He will make a great root admin when haxor dies...wait what!?
[Haxor, is my favorite root admin, though] – Cancer

8. Who is going to make the best video for the new rabbit hole video service?
Everyone pretty much just said “Me”

9. Who is your favorite dj for the rabbithole radio?

WickedSoul--Cuz he actually talks...(damn you PuzzleCube) - Cancer

I don't know. I don't really listen to it... Not my kinda music. *shame* - Iceshade

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