Thursday, April 24, 2008

nmap lesson 2 (begginer)

Ok so you know how to nmap:
and you know how to nmap –P0 –O
nmap –P0 –O
So now you want to know more. Ok so let’s find out your IP address. If you are in windows do an ipconfig if you are in *nix do a ifconfig. Ok so typically your behind a wireless router or something if you have cable or dsl. Or if your range is in between any of these: to to to
That means you have a private IP address and that your router navigates the internet for you using NAT(PAT technically). So you need to find your publicly routable address. To find this goto and it will tell you your external IP. So let’s say your IP is Ok take this address and run it through or if you are in Europe or afrinic if you are in Africa, etc..
Ok so my address gives me two, possible selections for Comcast:
Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. JUMPSTART-1 (NET-68-32-0-0-1) -
Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. NASHVILLE-3 (NET-68-52-128-0-1) -

I am going to choose the Nashville one because that is where I am at and it is a smaller range.
So I want to narrow my range down as much as possible so I have less results to look at. So I want to scan IP’s that are near mine, because most likely those are other Comcast customers and potentially even my neighbors. So I want to scan the range 68.52.155.x . x is going to stand for 0 through 255 and I also want to output this to a text file so that I can review it later, because it is going to take a long time. So here is my command:
nmap –P0 –O –oN bob.txt
This well output everything to bob.txt in the current directory.
Next Lesson, interpreting ports.

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