Friday, November 14, 2008

Quagga Routing software

Quagga is a really interesting routing software suite that emulates a cisco interface for routing on a *nix box. Now, I am not going to start throwing out my ciscos or anything, but this software seems fairly mature, and considering the cost of a cisco over a cheap computer, with FreeBSD and Quagga on it, I could see a real reason to use it. Quagga is opensource(GPL). So why is this interesting. So why would you care? Well with Quagga being on *nix platforms, you know and love you can do things like run tcpdump, or other tools you are already familiar with. Maybe you need QOS or maybe your room mates torrents are driving you crazy from stealing all the bandwidth. Perhaps you just want to become more familiar with routing, or you want to use a real firewall*.

pf.conf can do routing and nat, all on it's own as well.

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Tom said...

You should look at Vyatta. It includes Quagga and other open source packages with an IOS/JunOS like command line and uses single config file.