Thursday, December 4, 2008

A theft most grevious

I watched Twilight recently and something occurred to me. At what point did it suddenly become cool to be mired in the occult. When I was young I was shunned for liking dungeons and dragons, because many said it was "Satanic".In fact even if things weren't occult just in the genre of fantasy or sci-fi they were at least "geeky" and generally only read and consumed by those of us that were socially outcast. Now we have Harry Potter leading the way of the public warm up to geeky, nerdy culture. Take Lord of the Rings, written in 1937 and 1949, made into a movie in 2001.
Well this wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the theft and corruption of a great culture. The only way to really destroy a culture is to corrupt it. As the Christians did to the pagans(You didn't really think Easter was the day Christ was resurrected as a bunny who lays eggs did you). So as this sick amalgamation rises tearing apart the traditions and previously rich culture of the nerds, the obsessed, the meticulous. What of them, now they have shiny vampires, I guess.


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