Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Job New Title Same Blog New Material

I have recently been hired on as a Perl and PHP programmer for a new start up. It's good to be off the freelance tit. They use CentOS servers so expect some CentOS/Redhat goodness coming your way. Along with perl,php,bash and javascript goodness(so far I have done a lot of javascript/css garbage{that's right, fuck you IE}). Oh and we use the Yahoo User Interface library so that's pretty cool to. So anyways, that being said I am going to try to get a couple technical posts out this weekend, and one during the week, and expect that to kind of be the interim blog schedule.

Oh and a new job, at least in my life, means a new computer, so I am leaning towards getting either a thinkpad or a macbook pro. If anyone wants to weigh in on that I would love to hear it.


Samuraitux said...

Nice to see that you are doing good. Where is the new job at? Oh my vote is for the thinkpad. But that is just me. Not a fan of the overpriced pc

Samuraitux said...
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