Friday, January 9, 2009

One last mac post then, taking a break on mac stuff

The things you should get when you get your mac for the first time.
Torrents = Transmission
Chat = Adium
Unix Ports = Macports (first install with macports irssi, but make sure you get irssi with perl, ie sudo port irssi +perl)
itunes for music of course(don't worry, it actually works on mac)
It already has perl, python, and ruby, so no worries there.
Oh and good cpan's to get
Very cool stuff. Oh and another very soon post is going to be about apple, however it's about a really fun exploit so it's for those of us who want to break into apples, which is probably everybody....and it's about the cute indie chick who's apple you want to break into, so even you die hard windows fan boys are going to like this one.

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